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Welcome to Banana Agro Resorts Pvt Ltd. Tikapur, Kailali Nepal, we found in 2005 and Nepal Year 2062.

Hi (Namaste) Welcome to Banana Agro Resorts this is one of the place you can maximum enjoy with your family and friends day and night life over here. we specialize in all kind of done and served by Banana. we do all the food stuff with banana and handicrafts too.

Banana Agro resorts available :
Banana’s Varities
01) Banana
02) Banana Juice
03) Banana Chips
04) Banana Pickle
05) Banana Bunga Pickle
06) Banana Pakaudi
07) Banana Mo Mo
08) Banana Bread
09) Banana Finger Chips
10) Banana Wine
11) Banana Brandi
12) Banana Parotha

Banana’s Special Varities
01) Banana Root Pickle
02) Banana Pan Cake
03) Banana Salad
04) Banana Tik Malar
04) Banana Chilli
05) Banana Tikki
06) Banana Khir
07) Banana Slice Salty
08) Banana Flower Achcharu (Special)
And we have all other varieties of food like Chinese, Italian & American.

We served you all the food hot and fresh immediate preparation after the order..

And we have arranged for our lovely guest for enjoying timing with Beach volley ball coat , Swimming, Boating and many indoor and out door units.

So we warmly welcome to Banana Agro Resorts enjoy your holidays as unforgettable days.



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